Cost to Rent a Bucket Truck or Rent a Digger Derrick

Need to rent a bucket truck or digger derrick? It seems like everyone is afraid to tell you how much you should expect to pay if you want a bucket truck rental. Not the bucket truck blogger, here is the breakdown for Southwest Equipment’s rentals:

Bucket Trucks <32′

  • Daily – $300
  • Weekly – $700
  • Bi-weekly – $1250
  • Monthly – $1,700

Bucket Trucks 42′ to 60′:

  • Daily – $375
  • Weekly – $1000
  • Bi-Weekly – $1750
  • Monthly – $2750

Digger Derricks:

  • Daily – $425
  • Weekly – $1175
  • Bi-Weekly – $2075
  • Monthly – $3250

Now, they do have discounted prices for longer than a month, so call them if you are interested in >1 month rentals. They can rent you bucket trucks or digger derricks worldwide without hassle. Their only requirement is that you actively have commercial insurance and a CDL (if needed).

So, the silence is broken. I’m sure competitors will be scrambling to out do each other and the end result is you, the consumer wins. I’d suggest going to the company that isn’t afraid of putting this information out there. Thanks Bucket Trucks For Rent, for being confident and providing consumers with prices to rent a bucket truck or digger derrick.


Bucket Truck for Rent

Bucket Trucks


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